Level 1 Pistol: Beyond CWP

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Course Overview

Duration: 2 Hours

Maximum Students: 5

Situational Awareness and Engagement Timing

Drawing from concealment and proper target acquisition

Speed Reloads and Tactical Reloads

Proper Search and Assessment (No Flat Range Garbage)

Dynamic Movement and Multiple Threat Engagement

Post Engagement Considerations

This is a beginner to advanced pistol course and not your standard static range course of fire. The class will advance in skills throughout the day at the ability of the students' retention.  This course was designed for students to receive the highest level of training possible in the course duration window.


Course Prerequisites:

-Concealed Weapons Permit or Basic Understanding of Firearm Safety with approval of Instructor

-Watch Kanex Tactical Youtube Level 1 Pistol: Beyond CWP Prerequisite video to decide if you are ready for this course.

Course Requirements:

Primary Carry Pistol, Concealment Holster, Single or Dual Spare Magazine Pouch, 3 Pistol Magazines, Eye and Ear Protection, Proper Weather Attire

All of the above equipment will also be available for students if needed.  Please contact us prior to course date to make arrangements.