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Kanex Tactical is grateful for citizens that seek out advanced training in order to preserve life and freedom. We pride ourselves with investing every bit of our knowledge, experience, and grit into those willing to trust us with essentially their lives.  We use applicable training for adapting our clients to a lifestyle approach rather than a static approach to single events.   Sign up for our free seminars and paid courses below.

SC Concealed Weapon Permit

Kanex Defense Tactics (KDT) 

Workplace Violence

Home Invasion Defense
Counter Carjacking Defense
Domestic Terrorism
Campus Situational Awareness
Kanex Situational Awareness
Verbal De-Escalation
Kanex Tactical Verbal Judo
CPR/ TacMed
Kanex Tactical Medicine
Human Trafficking Awareness
Kanex Tactical Human Trafficking
Level 1 Pistol Beyond CWP
Kanex Tactical Advanced Pistol Training
Advanced Rifle
Kanex Tactical Advanced Rifle Training
ASP Baton Certification
Kanex Tactical ASP Baton
Precision Rifle
Kanex Tactical Precision Rifle