JUL 20, 2024 Fire and Maneuver Level 1

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  • LOCATION: 290 Old Bear Creek Road, Chesnee, SC 29323
  • DATE AND TIME: JUL 20, 2024 9:00AM-5:00PM EST



    Fire and Maneuver is an 8-hour tactical weapons course that will enable students to develop a deeper understanding of individual and team movement techniques through reconstructed combat scenarios in rural environments.  All students will be physically and mentally challenged while maneuvering through multiple Movement to Contact lanes of varying intensity and difficulty.

    This course is designed to challenge and inform students through the crawl, walk, and run phases of Fire & Maneuver. Expect to be stressed mentally and physically while training your mind and body to adapt in high stress tactical situations.  Once completed, everyone will have a new baseline of their capabilities and limitations.


Dustin Moore is a 10+ year veteran of the United States Army. He has deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Squad Designated Marksman where he conducted Small Kill Team and reconnaissance/surveillance operations and then again as an Assistant Team Leader where he conducted urban warfare, reconnaissance/surveillance, target interdiction, and C-IED operations in areas such as Najaf, Al Hillah, and Baghdad. Dustin deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a Team Leader and then again as a Sniper Team Leader where he conducted mountain warfare, long-range target interdiction, and reconnaissance/surveillance operations in the Hindu Kush mountains. Dustin was selected to represent the United States Army Pacific Command (USAPACOM) at the international shooting competition, Australian Army Skill at Arms Meet (AASAM) where he competed against the most seasoned warfighters from the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. Dustin has successfully completed some of the United States Army’s most grueling schools, such as the United States Army Sniper School and 4th Ranger Training Battalions Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course.


    • Students must be able to display safe handling and operation of their weapon system.
    • Students must have a weapon system chambered in 5.56 NATO or a similar round. 
    • Students must be in good health and have the physical ability to move under load across terrain of varying difficulty.

    • Weapon & Kit Setup
    • Individual movement techniques
    • Fire Team movement techniques
    • Squad movement techniques
    • Movement to Contact
    • Actions on Contact
    • Cover & Concealment
    • Actions on Objective
    • Break Contact
    • Supporting & Assaulting element techniques and considerations
    • Tactical Ambulation
    • Target Selection & Discrimination
    • Methods of Engagement


    • 556 NATO or similar carbine
    • 300 rounds of ammunition minimum (more is always better)
    • Small weapons maintenance kit
    • Minimum of 4 magazines
    • Enhanced Hearing Protection
    • Z87 Ballistic Eye Protection
    • Rack, Plate Carrier, or Load Bearing Equipment capable of carrying kit
    • Trail shoes, or light-weight hiking boot
    • Long Pants
    • Rugged Notebook and pencil
    • NOTES:
      • Please bring your own drinks and snacks. 
      • Swag, kit, tourniquets, ammo, body armor, carbine accessories, mag carriers/holsters will be available for purchase on site, please bring Cash/Venmo/Zelle/ Paypal.
      • Training questions email: kanextactical@gmail.com