SALE OWB Full Face Light Bearing Holster

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Kanex Tactical OWB Full Face Light Bearing holsters keep you in the fight bearing our 20/80 technology, still enabling the user to comfortably carry and conceal small/large caliber pistols with light/laser attachments. Only 20 percent of our holsters print on the side facing the user thus they conform to the users body for much more comfort. The remaining 80 percent of the firearm prints facing out. This enables the OWB holster to conform to the user better and print less when running it concealed. The holster is also much more comfortable to wear. All holsters are equipped with sweat guard for easy holstering especially when wearing a plate carrier. Kanex Tactical OWB Mag pouches and OWB holsters are inter-linkable. You can add to your belt rig or purchase one of our belt systems at anytime using Kanex OWB products without sacrificing real estate on your belt.