Meet the Team


The Kanex Team


Mathew Kane Dolan is a 10-year veteran of the US ARMY and US Air Force. As a UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot, Matthew flew countless MEDEVAC missions abroad in hostile combat zones. As a Chief Warrant Officer, he has trained in the US ARMY’s most formidable schools including the notable SERE C High Risk course for captured pilots. After leaving the Army, Matthew immediately continued his growth in the private security sector achieving such designations as Private Security Specialist (PSS) and Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM). Matthew is the proud founder of Kanex Tactical LLC, an elite training and tactical equipment company that provides high end unconventional security coaching as well as customized mission specific gear. His mission is to fill the void in subpar techniques and to help individuals acquire and sustain self-preservation and liberty.


Executive Protection Specialist

Designated Defensive Marksman

Private Security Specialist

Tactical Combat Causality Care 

CPR/First Aid

NRA Instructor

ASP Tactical Weapon Certified



Tatiana Dolan  is the President of Kanex Tactical LLC, and she prides herself in extreme quality control in her courses and those facilitated by Kanex Tactical LLC.  Tatiana strongly supported her husband, Matthew Dolan, during his Military Career and shares his mission to educate the community on safety and protection. Tatiana has always been a shooting enthusiast and has found purpose in educating others in marksmanship and firearm safety. As a leader in her church, Tatiana educates young women and during certain events is their primary protector. As a mother of two teenagers, she realizes the need for awareness due to the imminent threats in today's culture and this fuels her passion for community outreach and education through her courses. Tatiana has experienced several situations that left her desiring to never be caught off-guard, thus realizing the need for adequate training and the need for training to be available to the public. Tatiana is always admired for her kindness and her unwavering stance on individuals safety and liberty.  


NRA Certified Instructor